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Analysis of New Product Launch Using Google Doubleclick

Analysis of New Product Launch Using Google Doubleclick

Google DoubleClick-Digitye

Doubleclick is nothing but a company having advertising technology that was acquired by Google in 2008. The advertising company was founded in the year of 1995. This was the advanced phase of advertising on the Internet. Now, it is known as Google Doubleclick. Doubleclick is a provider of Internet marketing technology and services.

When an advertiser integrated Doubleclick and Google Analytics suite under the Google marketing platform. The advertiser needs to understand that the advertiser must also make some changes to their website, blog, and social media channels. The DoubleClick ad exchange is a component of the Google display network. It helps to promote the ads in a respected manner.

In order to Analysis the new product launch you need to understand the following for better understanding. Furthermore, The ads track down and the performance report will help to analyze through Google Doubleclick. and can be managed according to the audience’s response. Before we hop into it let me explain about DoubleClick ad exchange.

What is Doubleclick Ad Exchange?

The Doubleclick ad exchange is nothing but a display network. Google display network consists of two primary networks where advertisers can share ads:

  • Firstly, Search Network is a type of network where searching for keywords that advertisers select are the targeted place. Where they want to present their ads.
  • Display Network, In this type of network Google put ads on websites that have AdSense or agree to show Google ads. This could be and News website, or any other informative website which have AdSense.
DoubleClick Ad Exchange-Digitye

The Doubleclick ad exchange is another source of websites that is encompassed in the display network. So, when advertisers sign up to show their ads on the display network, they are eligible to show them on all these partner sites. So, whether it’s people using AdSense or Advertisers using ad exchange.

Lastly, The Doubleclick ad exchange is an option for advertisers who defaulted into showing their ads on DoubleClick ad exchange sites increasing the ads that there’s a relevant site for advertisers to show the ads on biz. There’s just a higher quantity of spots available for advertisers. Google makes sure advertisers utilize display targeting options.

What is Google Doubleclick?

DoubleClick offers a range of digital marketing tactics, including display advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising, and programmatic advertising. This provides the following tools to help Publishers optimize and manage their advertising operations. It includes ad targeting, ad serving, ad reporting, and ad tracking. This technology opens up the space for publishers to present ads on their websites. what’s more, The Doubleclick ad exchange meets the requirement of advertisers and publishers through its advance live bidding process. Again, This gives flexibility to the publishers to fabricate their directory by selling this ad space to the highest contender.

Finally, Google DoubleClick is a top advertising platform that switches businesses to reach their target audience through a range of digital advertising channels. Moreover, with the Doubleclick ad exchange program Google makes sure that advertisers get the expansion and that reach that advertisers ideally would like to get from the display.

How does Google Doubleclick Help in Analysis?

Well, there are following ways that in which help business.

  1. Google Doubleclicks help businesses with multiple dynamic tools and attributes that compute and track the efficacy of such advertising campaigns.
  2. Its conversion tracking factor assists businesses in watching the actions clicked by users on advertisers’ ads and modifying ad campaigns accordingly.
  3. Its Audience insights supply valuable data on the target audience’s behaviour and authorize advertisers to advance ad targeting.
  4. Moreover, Its attribution model characteristics aid advertisers to know the impact of each ad point on the customer drive and allot credits based on its grant to conversions.
  5. Live performance reporting of advertisement campaigns in Real-time empowers the Publishers. It provides on-time impact and feedback immediately about the ads.
  6. As we have said, Businesses can optimize such ad campaigns through the data provided by Google Doubleclicks. It results in a cut above ROI and vast conversions.

What are DSP and SSP in Google Doubleclicks?

DSP and SSP are two essential components of programmatic advertising, which is a method of buying and selling ad inventory through automated systems. Google DoubleClick provides both DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) solutions for programmatic advertising. Following this, By using both DSP and SSP solutions provided by Google DoubleClick. Advertisers and publishers can effectively buy and sell ad inventory through programmatic advertising. Optimizing their campaigns for maximum performance and revenue. This gives better facility to both the advertisers and publishers with better higher reach and better bidding rates respectively.

DSP and SSP in Google DoubleClicks

Quick Comparision of DSP and SSP

  • A Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a platform used by advertisers and Companies to acquire ad inventory across multiple ad exchanges and ad networks.
  • Second, DSPs are used to manage and optimize programmatic ad campaigns, targeting specific audiences and bidding on ad inventory. That is based on various factors such as audience data, ad placement, and bid price.
  • Third, Google DoubleClick Bid Manager is an example of a DSP. It allows advertisers to access a wide range of ad inventory and optimize their campaigns for maximum performance.
  • Whereas, A Supply Side Platform (SSP) is a platform used by publishers to sell their ad inventory. This inventory is sold to advertisers through ad exchanges and ad networks.
  • SSPs are used to manage and optimize programmatic ad sales, enabling publishers to set prices for their ad inventory and sell it to advertisers through real-time bidding. Increasing the chance of getting high bidding rates.
  • Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange is an example of an SSP, which enables publishers to sell their ad inventory to a wide range of advertisers and maximize their revenue through real-time bidding.

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