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Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing vs SMM

You probably heard of both terms on the internet while surfing from one site to another. However, you have probably wondered what is Digital Marketing and What is Social Media Marketing and their relevance on the internet. These are some of the most gravitate topics nowadays, especially after the pandemic.

Curiosity makes you fall to know these trending terms. But did you know what is the difference between them and what they are? And lastly which one is best for your business growth?

If yes, then we are going to discuss the topics in this article.

and if you say no, we are going to elaborate on these processes in the following post. So, Don’t worry we are going to discuss all the characteristics of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. However, We are going to talk about the difference between them, and how they both help you to make money from them.

What is Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing and SMM

Digital Marketing

It is nothing but the process of promotion of brands to generate leads through potential audiences using the internet and other forms of digital presentation. For whatever reason, if a marketing campaign runs its marketing over the web or the internet, it is Digital Marketing.

Internet Marketing includes various methods within the process as Search Engine Optimization, ORM, Content Marketing, Pay-per-click marketing, etc. However, Digital Marketing is not only limited to this but Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and any other web-based advertisement like Google ads, and much more. Leads from digital marketing define your business or brand better on the web like the reach it is getting, clicks, sales, and revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is nothing but promoting brands on social media and covering all networks of social media. SMM is predominantly used to drive traffic and create brand awareness by engaging people on digital channels online. Social Media Services are used to image your brand, product, services, and Business on Social Media platforms.

However, these platforms have different personalities and characters according to the nature of the ONLINE platform. If we may give you an example If you want to build more engagement for your brand you simply go to Instagram and Facebook to create campaigns according to your goal. However, if you want to gain a lead for your startup/business you go on LinkedIn.

The potential


Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, or Web Marketing known by such names, played a critical role in marketing since being introduced first. Digital Marketing Holds a spherical network of vast reach, it values your business and powers your growth. Making Organic leads make your business visible for a longer period of time.


“YOU KNOW HOW MUCH POTENTIAL HOLDS SMM” with billions of people spending their daily time on social media platforms will create a huge amount of capability. It provides an ease to engage with the audience and make a huge impact on the public of your business/ brand. Through the combinational power of your brand and social platforms, you can influence the generations to be your customers and much more.

How Are They Both Important for Business?

How Does Digital Marketing Help?

Digital marketing is a vast concept that purposely serves the PROMOTION OF BRANDS  and Generates revenue. people are making a lot of money by providing digital marketing services without having any trouble or second thoughts. Digital Marketing could be freelanced or by any company. However, in both cases, it provides various opportunities for both types of jobs.

Through different search engines your brand’s visibility and online presence increase. Making the sale approach your business boost through websites and ads advertising on search engines.

How Does Social Media Marketing Help?

The most known digital platforms for SMM are Youtube, and LinkedIn followed by Facebook Instagram, and Twitter, but each of these platforms have its marketing technique a little different. there are numerous social media platforms to achieve desired goals and audiences.

Similarly, running social media campaigns may be helpful for your ‘Business to the Customer Business. Some brands use social media marketing to interact with their audience, get reviews, get comments, find the downside of the brand, identify loyal customers, etc. They do not directly appeal to you to make a purchase but build a conversation with the audience.

As Per B2B & B2C

B2B and B2C In Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing has a huge potential for both B2C and B2B businesses. However, the utilization of Online Marketing is different for each of these businesses, Let us Discuss it.

  • In B2B marketing tends to have stronger and long relationships, committing longer decisions and boning with each other, and longer sales funnels. B2C stands for a short period of time making an emotional appeal to the consumer to feel happy or great with each purchase.
  • A marketer needs to be skilled in B2B marketing because B2B marketing is a contract based on evidence and logic. Whereas, B2C content is more likely to be emotional. Focusing on making ethos in between the relational ship with the brand and the consumer.
  • B2B happens with the collaborations and decisions of more than one person’s input. The information and knowledge are shareable and can be followed. B2C customers favor one-to-one connections with the brand.

You need to make sure before making any strategy for your business. Considering data and analysis. Critical factors may affect your business and boost your leads through targeted online marketing campaigns.

Benefits for B2C B2B Through SMM

Social Media Marketing involves so many visuals engaging with the audience and Conversion rates for newer audiences. It takes active participation, which makes it an even more popular way of getting notified. It is the best way to engage customers for B2C companies. Making the promotion through visuals an attractive way and engaging with the influencer to promote your brand. Though, the increase in Business and revenue through Social Media Marketing Services fascinates the B2B market to create a path for their business.

The spherical network of these platforms shows nimbus to the B2B Companies. Manufacturers are also developing ways to grow their business on the Internet. social media business accounts and pages can be used to build your company’s online presence.


Such marketing techniques also offer engagement metrics, Graphs, progress, growth, and much more. By graphical representation, you can get an idea of an interested audience. You can make strategies and aim accordingly. It also helps to differentiate the age, region, and other aspects of Marketing.

A Quick Comparison of Digital Marketing & SMM

ParameterDigital MarketingSocial Media Marketing
DefinitionPromoting products or services using digital channels, like Websites, Search engines.Promoting products or services using social media platforms, like Instagram, and Facebook.
ChannelsWebsites, blogs, email, search engines, mobile apps, etc.Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
FocusVast reach and engagement with a target audience.Nurturing relationships with customers and followers.
TargetingSpecific demographics, age groups, and interests.Specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.
MeasurementMetrics such as website traffic, leads, conversion rate, etc.Metrics such as engagement rate, reach, followers, subscribe rate, etc.
CostVaries based on channel and campaign objectives.Varies based on channel, ad format, and targeting.
BenefitsIncreased visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation.Improved brand loyalty, customer retention, and lead generation.
DrawbacksCan be impersonal and difficult to build relationships.Limited reach outside of social media platforms.
ExamplesSEO, PPC, Google Ads, email marketing, content marketing, etc.Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, influencer marketing, etc.

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